Work & Risk Breakdown Structure


WBS: Tool to subdivide the project and organize the scope visually, hierarchically and in smaller parts, facilitating the deliverables management.

RBS: Tool to group and manage potential project risks, organized by categories.

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):
* Provides a single view of the entire project scope
* Supports processes for costs, resources, time and risks estimation
* Enables better management and monitoring of project evolution
* Assists in managing and deliverables monitoring
* Reduces the probability of out-of-scope deliverables
* Optimizes the communication process and reduces uncertainties
* Increases team focus, engagement and productivity
* Increases the probability of project success

Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS):
* Assists in structuring and understanding potential risks
* Provides grouping of risks into categories
* Assists in identifying problems and costs for the project
* Supports identification of risk root causes and sources
* Assists in action plans to eliminate or mitigate problems
* Enables better risk management and monitoring
* Promotes collaboration between those involved
* Increases the probability of project success



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