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What is the platform used for the Reports & Dashboards development?

Microsoft Power BI, isolated leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant in Analytics & Business Intelligence platforms.

Where are the integrated data to the App BI Dashboards stored?

The data are integrated directly into the Power BI platform and hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud data storage solution.

How does the access to the platform and Dashboards in the cloud work?

After service contracted, we will provide login and password for access, as well as all the necessary information for quick integration with ERP data.

How are ERP data into Dashboards integrated?

After service contracted, we will send a form with the necessary information for the systems integration. The integration process is very simple and fast, being completed within 24 hours after information receiving.

Are the Dashboards modular?

Yes, all Dashboards are modular according to the ERP available and can be individually contracted, as needed.

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Are the Dashboards automatically updated?

Yes, all Dashboards are automatically updated, every 30 minutes.

Can I access the Dashboards from my mobile or tablet?

Yes, it is possible to access from any mobile device, through our Web Platform.

Can I try App BI before contracting?

Yes, on the website it is possible to try the App BI Dashboards or schedule a demo with one of our consultants.

Can I customize my Dashboards?

Yes, customization is possible, but this is an on-demand service that needs to be budgeted by our consultants.

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Is training for using to the contracted modules provided?

Yes, after contracting and integrating the data into the system, we provide access to online training and user manuals. Our trainings can be accessed at any time and cover the platform and Dashboards functionalities, as well as presenting several tips to fully explore all the features offered by our solutions.

Can I contract Dashboards development for any ERP or Database?

Yes, just request a personalized quotation to our experts team.

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Where are the data contained in Power BI stored?

The data are integrated directly into the Power BI platform and can be stored in the cloud or locally (On Premise). To view Reports & Dashboards via Power BI platform on the Web or App, the data must be hosted in the Microsoft cloud.

What is the process for developing and integrating customized Reports & Dashboards?

There are 5 main steps:

1. Identification of business demands
2. Structuring of Databases
3. Integration with Power BI platform
4. Development of Dashboards & KPI
5. Implementation & User Training

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How are business demands identified?

Through experienced and trained professionals, we carry out a complete diagnosis of the real demands and opportunities, in line with the strategy and business objectives.

How is the database structured?

Initially, we identified all processes and data sources available in the company, such as ERPs, CRMs, spreadsheets and documents, to later analyze, structure and unify the databases as much as possible, always respecting the project’s premises.

How does the integration with Power BI work?

Once the data sources are defined, the Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process is carried out in Power BI, with the possibility of integrating several data sources in the same file.

How are Dashboards & KPI developed?

We develop Reports & Dashboards in a personalized way, with a strategic and entrepreneurial vision. For the development of performance indicators (KPI), we use the SMART methodology: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporal.

How is the Implementation & Training of users carried out?

After the development and approval of the client, we started the implementation process in the company, presenting the new work concept and features of the developed solutions, as well as enabling and training the main users.

I would like to optimize and automate some processes, how can I do it?

Our team of experts is on hand to carry out a diagnosis of your business, there are countless ways to optimize, automate and even integrate business processes. In many of our projects we use Microsoft Power Platform solutions: Power BI for data analysis, Power Apps for application development and Power Automate to automate processes, as well as Share Point, a web platform for creating corporate portals and intranets, including content and document management.

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Can the solutions purchased at BI STORE be customized?

Yes, we offer several paid and affordable solutions, which allow for customization by customers. In general, free solutions do not allow for customization. In case of any specific need, our team of consultants is available to prepare a budget on demand.

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Where can I clarify concepts related to BI and Business Management?

There are several sources of knowledge, we suggest visiting our BLOG, because in it we approach, in a simple and objective way, several relevant concepts and methodologies, on this and other topics.

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How can I hire App BI Dashboards?

Request a proposal for your ERP.

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How can I hire Dashboards On Demand?

On Demand Dashboards are customized and can also be contracted directly on the website (3 Plans available) or upon request and personalized budget.

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What payment system is used on the website?

The payment system used is Paypal, a fast and secure solution, recognized internationally and used by more than 360 million customers.

Can I split a purchase?

Yes, according to service contracts. In the case of App BI dashboards, the amount is charged monthly and for on-demand services it is according to the customized plan or budget.

How can I request technical support?

For technical support we suggest opening a ticket on our Help Desk platform.

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How can I clarify any doubts about products and/or services?

By contacting us, at any time, in one of our communication channels contained in the contact page and footer of the website.

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Can I schedule a meeting for demonstrations or questions about services?

Yes, just schedule the day and time of your choice directly on the Business Indicator website.


Will I be able to access training online whenever I want?

Yes, online training will be available throughout the period of contracting the services and can be accessed at any time, without the need for one of our consultants.